Welcome Calls

Welcome calls are a great way to introduce your company to new customers. They provide a personal touch that is far more engaging and appreciated than a welcome letter or welcome e-mail. They’re ideal for finding out what the customer’s impressions are so far and what they will be looking for in the future. The first impression of a company or brand will often shape the way a customer interacts with you in the future, so welcome calls are a great service to use to help you understand your customers from the very beginning of your relationship. They can also be educational, helping businesses refine their acquisition processes and provide a much better customer journey.


The benefits to welcome calls aren’t always obvious straight away; however research suggests that initial customer interactions with a business have a defining effect on the length of that relationship and the profitability to the business engaging with the customer. It is also true that the inherent learning that a welcome call provides can help define and deliver an improved future acquisition strategy. Our staff ensures that these first interactions will be warm, friendly and positive, painting your business in a professional and caring light. On message, on brand and motivated to satisfy, our staff excel at being the ideal first representative of your business, delivering a service that will leave you impressed and proud.