Opera Communications Ltd. is a Bulgarian registered company established by two UK entrepreneurs, supported by an Angel Investor and based in the beautiful Danube city of Ruse, Bulgaria, on the border with Romania.

We believe that we can help you outsource whatever you need doing within the fields of data entry, telecommunications, back office, customer service and technical support. We are committed to finding the right people for your process whatever that may be and working alongside you to make sure that they have the training they need to handle your business with the expertise you require. We understand that businesses come in many sizes and have many varied needs and for this reason we are happy to accept processes starting from as low as one full time agent. We are also open to the idea of companies sharing staff if they don't need a full time agent.

Here at Opera Communications we have the utmost confidence and belief in the skills and capabilities of the available workforce and talent pool here in both Ruse and Bulgaria on the whole. We think that if you can train a person to do a job in America, England, Germany ect... then you can train a person to do the same job here in Ruse